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Jeff Evans is an award winning illustrator and arts educator.   He received his training from The Kubert School and Tyler School of Art.  Jeff was awarded the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching during his first year of teaching.


As an illustrator and artist Jeff has worked on everything from editorial cartoons, logo design, and comics to sketch cards, gallery paintings and murals. Jeff is currently working on a graphic novel  about a boy and a toy soldier who share a special bond.


As an arts educator, Jeff has worked as a teacher for the School District of Philadelphia, Intercultural Family Services, the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, and various community centers and schools.  He is also a Curriculum Integration Consultant with Grandview Evaluation where he specializes in designing lesson plans that integrate the arts and multiple disciplines, for which he has conducted many teacher professional development trainings.  He is currently offering group and private art lessons in Northeastern Pennsylvania.


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